About Us

At Old School Boxing & Fitness, we combine the highest level of coaching in boxing techniques and fitness to build an amazingly fit Team! Our goal is to make your goal a reality. Our focus is to empower people with knowledge about health & fitness using boxing as the foundation. We help each member grow and become mentally and physically stronger and better than they ever imagined.

Our gym owner, Jeff Christie, has been a Boxing coach and a personal trainer for the last 22 years. Jeff is passionate about boxing and fitness. When moving to Jacksonville, he saw an opportunity to offer his personal instruction and experience of sparring with renowned professionals’ fighters as well a variety of ages, sizes and skill levels. If you’re a gifted athlete, preparing for a match, a nine-t- fiver, looking to get back or maintain your health, or a child coordination or attention issues, Jeff can tailor a program to meet your needs.

Jeff and other Old School Boxing & Fitness trainers share similar vision, to make sure all members are benefited by getting them in shape and improving their physical well-being.

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